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I’ve decided to get back into acting.

Little known fact: I was part of a stunt team for two years. And in those two years my biggest, best role was that of a cocky magician from My Little Pony. BTW, I will be reprising her for DragonCon this weekend ^_^


Surprisingly, I really loved being Trixie. The role came so naturally to me that people kept joking that I really was Trixie! This kind of bugged me because when I first met Trixie while watching MLP:FiM I hated her! In short, Trixie goes around self-promoting herself to anyone who will listen and goes insane at the thought of a rival. When she encounters Twilight Sparkle (the character I actually aspire to be like in real life, because she’s awesome), Trixie sees how much more powerful Twilight is, as well as how much more she can accomplish thanks to her supportive group of friends, and Trixie goes to great lengths to try and beat Twilight, playing dirty tricks and scheming to get her way.


The sad part is, she shouldn’t even view Twilight as a rival. Twilight never does anything to challenge her, in fact, she only does things to help Trixie! But Trixie can’t see it that way because she is so vain that the thought of someone else being as good or better than her throws her into a tailspin.

I am sad to admit this, but “The Great & Powerful Trixie” really is similar to who I was in the high school theater department. Back when I was President of Thespians and Gables Players, I was too much ‘me me me’ and spent too little time building a healthy and supportive social circle within the drama department. And that side of me came back like a blast from the past when I was directing the show for Animate! Miami with Urban Ronin earlier this year.

I am very glad the older, more mature me had a chance to revisit that side of my personality and fix it once and for all. Playing Trixie and seeing how similar the character was to me in real life gave me an incredibly clear view of how I can behave when I am put under pressure and given decision-making powers (when putting on a show). After gaining this insight, I quickly turned it around and began working twice as hard to support everyone around me.


There’s no escaping it. To be an actor in a production, you have to be part of a team. And the team lives or dies together.  In show business actors often try to tear each other down to eliminate their perceived competition, but this is a backwards approach. The more helpful we are to each other and the more we work to build true friendships will be the more we enjoy coming together to put on a show! And there’s nothing more enjoyable to actors than putting on a good show. So I hope to see more actors turning new leafs and choosing to love and support each other instead of tearing each other down.

I think this lesson has helped me overcome the stage fright I acquired in college and to feel at peace with my competitive nature. I am definitely looking forward to acting in a production and to have the chance to work on a creative team once again 🙂


Upcoming projects:

  • Voice of Cheetah on a roundtable news show for Migg’s Nerd News (more deets soon!)
  • Directing a music video with Vampires for GotakuTV. For realz.

2 thoughts on “Acting

  1. I wouldn’t have pictured you as either overly competitive or having stage fright, but I guess we all come from somewhere. Really looking forward to seeing your new projects 🙂

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