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Plans & Projects

2013 has been the year I was waiting for. The year where all the random facets of my life have finally come together to paint the picture of who I’m meant to be.

It started off with the formation of my production company GotakuTV, then I became the mascot for MetroCon, then I got into an amazing relationship with Gotaku’s co-founder, then I got a full time job doing exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life: digital marketing with integrated content and video production.

And I sit back and look at this craziness… With all this awesomeness surrounding me… And I realize life is so good.

Sometimes I find myself choosing to focus on the things that go wrong, on the things I’m no where close to accomplishing (I’m looking at you, student loans) and I get caught in an endless loop of discussing these few issues until my mind is raw from being scrubbed in all the wrong ways.

If there’s anything I hope to learn this year it is to focus on the good. To force myself to look at what I can accomplish, which will be much more beneficial than wasting brainpower on what I can’t–even if my brain naturally prefers to focus on those walls.

Little by little the success I achieve in one area of life will spill over into other areas until eventually everything becomes better just from that one small step.

And the next step is… TBA. 🙂

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