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I think I just figured out taxes.

Okay, after writing that title I think I need to retract my statement, but I would like to present an idea I haven’t heard anywhere else.

Instead of automatically paying our taxes to the IRS for the federal government to distribute to states accordingly, what if the taxpayers could choose where their money went?

I mean, with modern technology this could be a very easy thing to do!

Each state builds a website that lists the budgets of all their agencies. Any agency who receives public funds (including private companies with government contracts) would list their budgets on this site. The homepage of the site could consolidate the information, for example:

$3 Billion ’til Fundraising goal!

Education needs $500 Million, Infrastructure needs $700 Million, Social Services needs $200 Million, Health Services needs $1 Billion….


This way the taxpayers are the ones who see estimated budgets and they can pay directly into what they want to pay for. Let the liberals spend all their money on Social Services, Education, and Healthcare, let the conservatives spend their money on small business grants, private contractors, military, etc.

When the taxpayers can spend their money on what they want to, government & taxes will get a lot more consumer friendly, cut down on costs, and there would be less tension.

Right now politicians are charged with creating the laws of the land AND taking our money and spending it amongst themselves. That is just way too much power & control. Let the agencies & departments come to the taxpayers for money. We’ll quickly see change.

And when it comes to how much money taxpayers will have to pay, I say at least 15% of their salaries. They can choose to give more… and when they see the new school in their community short on money I’m sure they would.

Maybe then the government agencies will stop looking at us like ATMs (I’m looking at you DMV/Traffic Dept), and they will start appreciating the money we pay into them as much as any other non-profit company. That’s how they *should* operate… right?

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