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How to work 80 hours a week and make no money










The short answer: Do what I do.

The long answer is gonna take a minute.

I wear about four hats throughout my week. I work full-time marketing in the tech industry, I am pursuing my graduate degree (because someone told me it was a good idea. I’m not so sure about that though), I’m the production manager for a tiny community theater/stunt team, and I’m the producer and co-CEO for a startup production company. Somewhere throughout my week I manage to fit in online gaming, way too much Facebook, and the occasional D&D or anime night, but mostly I’m working on marketing and producing two completely different types of geeky entertainment (live action & film).

My weeks work out like this: I work your typical 9-6, run meetings nearly every night of the week, and have nightmares about the essays that are overdue in my online marketing class. While this may seem like I’m unhappy, I actually am very happy. I typically feel very proud and confident in my skills and abilities. The only snag so far is when I wonder… where is all this leading?

It’s so easy to get stuck in a trap. To create a foundation for a career that has no profit. How do you monetize entertainment these days? Most YouTube stars pray for advertising revenue, most stunt teams are based out of a studio with investors and such, but none of these are realistic options for my little community theater group and my production company (yet).

So there you have it. Work a lot without even thinking about where you’ll get money from and that’s how you end up working 80 hours a week on a 40 hour a week salary (and a pitiful one at that).

I look at the people working all around me and wish I could pay them for all the work they do. I’m racking my brain to figure out how I can turn these hobbies into a profitable company. It’s beautiful to see so many people living out their dreams, their geeky childish dreams. It makes every moment worth it to me. But I know that I have to connect these dreams with dollar signs in order for these dreams to become “reality”.

Sigh… advice is always welcomed.

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