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Entrepreneurialism- My New Tao

Last year I realized something. The #1 thing that stops us from being great is ourselves. Sometimes our view is so small, our walls so high, and our ways so stuck that we begin to perpetually swim in a circle, never seeing the many streams that are ready and waiting to take us wherever we want to go.

As I look through this blog I see so many highlights. I graduated college, got my first (and second) professional job, published the first two chapters of my novel, learned how to walk the walk (literally), and dabbled in civic discussions and politics. I’ve longed for a way to unite all my passions to create more meaning in my life, and at the turn of the year I discovered the way.

With the help of friends who pretty much dropped out of the sky and into my lap last year, I’m forming a production company. Sure, right now we don’t have any investors and we can only work on this as a side project… but I know this is where my heart has been pulling me. I’m so glad and so passionate about getting stuff done that we haven’t even had time to name the freaking thing.

If this year plays out the way I expect, there will be so many projects to name it will become second nature. 🙂

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