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Why a Libertarian Voted for Obama (Short Version)

I voted for Obama because I’m a Libertarian. Under Romney the successful would have had no need to fight and the disenfranchised would have gotten the boot. Under Obama, the disenfranchised will be protected while the successful can carry on the battle with wealth redistribution policies. We, the successful, are much more equipped to fight a policy war than students, the disabled and the elderly.

In an Obama America, we can have everything we want. Social liberties (because the people in power mostly won on the promise to establish social liberties) AND economic freedom (because citizens now have more than enough incentive to rise up and correct our crumbling infrastructure and tax code).

I have nothing to say for those who fear America is becoming amoral because I wholly disagree. To allow all types of people to blossom we need non-judgmental social policy AND economic freedom.

Everyone comes into this world with their own lessons to learn. We cannot judge the choices people make when it comes to the family they choose to create. But we can ensure that no one’s economic freedom is hijacked by the government.

That is why I voted Obama and a Democratic Senator, while voting all Republicans into the House and Commissioner seats in Miami-Dade.


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