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Obama……………..reasons why you should vote

A nice list about Obama. Go Obama!!


1. He ended the war in Iraq, which he did not start.

2. He will end the war in Afghanistan, which he also did not start.

3. He prevented the auto industry from imploding.

4. He prevented the U.S. from going into a deep recession, which was started by someone else.

5. He put safeguards in so banks and Wall Street could not continue their ways.

6. He is for universal healthcare like most civilized countries have.

7. He is for marriage for all types of people.

8. He is for allowing immigrant students to stay in college or serve in the armed forces.

9. He is for women’s rights to do what they want with their bodies.

10. He has tried to work with Congress and they have refused to work with him.

11. He is for voter’s rights and has not tried to circumvent the voting laws unlike the republican/obstructionist party.

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