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Miami-Dade Voting

This election season I refrained from adding to the noise and instead absorbed it. I avidly read every new article and watched clips of stump speeches. I voraciously ate up all the “facts” and the “latest developments”. After carrying on for months getting barraged by people trying to sway me to either side, I decided to shut it down.

It took me a moment to gather my thoughts, to filter out my own thoughts from those that were constantly shoved down my throat. Needless to say, it has been an uncomfortable election season for all of us. This $1 Billion dollar industry is taking advantage of the fact that most people don’t know everything that’s going on, and these campaign organizers are more than delighted to film a commercial in hopes of filling in those gaps and make you see the issues their way.

Once I finally found my center, I reaffirmed my values. I truthfully was not sure who I was going to vote for in this presidential election, mostly because I did not know what I wanted my future to be. I was feeding in to the fear culture, and I realized the fear culture is far worse than the entitlement culture. In an older post I ripped into the entitlement problem, so this is a true switch in stance.

I’d rather be a nation of “takers” who doesn’t take away people’s freedoms just because they’re scared.

Here are some major examples of the effects of the fear culture: DOMA, TSA, Patriot Act.

When you take these into consideration and you look at what Obama has brought us… it makes increased spending on Food Stamps look like the helpful policy it is. Seriously.

I believe in freedom. Real freedom. And it doesn’t come in the form of low taxes. With that, here are my answers to the Miami-Dade Ballot.

President: Barack Obama

Because I believe in education, equality, fair pay for equal work, and replenishing our amazing government programs through increased taxes. And not the other way around.

Senator: Bill Nelson

Because he has a distinguished track record, will protect our environment, works across the aisle, and puts people first.

House: Eddie Gonzalez

I feel like this guy read my cross-analysis of the Tea Party and OWS and is basing his campaign off it…. http://voteforeddie.com/issues.php

Commissioners: Keon Hardemon, Luis Garcia, Juan Zapata.

All are for increasing government transparency, working better with the people, regulating government contractors to reduce corruption, and setting term limits among other things.

Judge: Andrea Wolfson.

She is endorsed by groups I believe in.

House seat 115: Michael Bileca

The Miami Herald endorses him and he seems more open to progress and bipartisanship than his competition.

Amendments to constitution: NO to all.


So there you have it, my entire ballot.

On another note, as I was doing research on the politicians in my new district (I just moved) I found out my state senator has filed 4 bills, all are claims to award harmed citizens nearly 1 million in public funds. http://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/s38/District#district I would LOVE someone to discuss this with me.

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