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Stars looming over my head…

For some reason, holidays have always caused me to reflect on my life. Maybe it’s because they’re good anchor points in time; or, perhaps it’s because they measure my happiness and the caliber of those around me. Either way, as I sat watching the fireworks, I reflected on the difference between this July 4th and the last year’s. I felt so full of happiness and security… an emotional state that is so contrast to where I was last year.

In a nut shell: This year has brought another growth spurt for me. I started graduate school at Strayer University, landed my dream job with RingByName, and am very happy at home. Things have kicked up a notch with my stunt group, and I got to achieve one of my craziest dreams: to dance on the stage at a rave show! It was ridiculously fun and it looks like we’ll be doing it again soon 🙂

While life has been happy, it has also been hectic. At the advisory of the Assistant Dean, I’m scheduled for two classes each term in school. She basically told me I’m freakishly smart and assured me I would prefer taking two classes at a time instead of one. If it works out, I’ll have my MBA by the end of next year! And I must admit, having the faith and admiration from the Assistant Dean gave me a boost of confidence. She’s an enlightened woman and it made me so proud to see that she sees the same in me!

The challenge for me, in the face of all these blessings and opportunities, is to make the most of them. I want to continue making the most of this lovely relationship I have been blessed with, to make the most of my new role as Internet Marketing Assistant Manager, to make the most of my grad school experience, and most importantly to make the most of myself. I read these stories in Forbes, Fortune, & Inc. and I see people all around me making so much for themselves and changing the world just by being here. With all the blessings life has granted me, I’m beginning to feel like I have an open invitation to take my place among them. Among the stars of our age. Even if I go unnamed, I’d be happy enough to shine a light for someone out there to see and be empowered by.

If I’m quiet, it’s because I’m working hard. Once I get some hindsight on all of this, I’ll be able to discuss it all. And I can’t wait for that day!


In other news, for those who remember, I published the first two chapters of my book. We put it in the Kindle Free store for two days and it had hundreds of downloads. It was very very high in the rankings and got some great reviews. The energy really pumped me up and filled me with new inspiration. I finally saw where the story would go and realized it might end up being more than one book. I want to be able to give it the time and attention it deserves and for that reason… I must announce that the book is on hiatus for now. I’ll probably resume writing it later this year or next time I get a break!

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