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It’s Bigger Than “Bath Salts” and “Zombie Apocalypses”

This is a comment I left in response to Subhash Kateel’s thoughtful and powerful analysis of the “flesh-eating” incident that recently occurred in Miami-Dade, the city in which I have lived my entire life.


This comment is directly for Mr. Subhash Kateel,

You bring up a serious issue. I have been offended by the zombie-pocolypse jokes to no end. As someone who has done drugs (in the past), I know that they DO NOT cause a sane person to commit acts of violence.

There is so much ignorance about drug abuse. It truly makes me sick.

Florida was also the despicable state that required welfare recipients to take a drug test. I’m sure you know of this, but what I found to be worst of all was when Scott claimed “It helps the kids”.

You can see my rant on that here: http://charitysapphire.com/2012/04/14/my-thoughts-on-welfare-drug-testing/

I also come from a family of drug abuse and mental illness. I know that long term drug abuse can cause mental illness, but I also know that those who turn to drugs are those who have no other means to improve their reality. What happened with Rudy really is the sign of a crumbling state system.

It may be too late to save Ronald and Rudy, but this is just another serious wake-up call for our community. We need to stop separating ourselves so much from those we feel sorry for and instead we need to band together, take the power back for the people, and start some serious community healing for Miami, FL.
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3 thoughts on “It’s Bigger Than “Bath Salts” and “Zombie Apocalypses”

  1. I also hate it when they said that bath salts are a more potent form of LSD. What? I’ve done LSD before and I know they are nothing similar to the effects that bath salts give you. LSD and bath salts aren’t even pharmacologically similar. Scary, to know that these are the people we call our protectors.

    • They will do anything to perpetuate this “War on Drugs”. Why? Because the longer they hide behind this “war” they can continue illegally profiting from the drugs AND they can continue to convince the public that “drugs” are the issue and not the total lack of mental health funding.

      • That is true. It’s a shame not many people know that. Crazy people will be crazy, with or without drugs. Drugs will probably only add fuel to the fire.

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