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#DontDoubleMyRate, bro.

Did you know that by consistently raising the interest rates on student loans, the federal government earns $6 billion each year?

Simply freezing the interest on student loans at 3.4% will cause the federal government to “lose” six billion dollars every year.

Can you believe they’re profiting off of college students this grotesquely? It’s not like they even invest that money back into the schools! By not investing money back into the schools, the schools have to charge more. When the schools have to charge more, the government gets to lend out more money. When the government lends out more money, they earn more. Billions. more.

I think it’s time to burst this little bubble.

EDUCATION AND HOUSING ARE A BASIC NECESSITY. Economies and business are all about raising the standard of living. The standard of living in the US is superior to that of many other countries thanks to those of us who create businesses and become educated! We built this nation! Don’t double my interest rates, bro!

*The previous information was derived from my MBA education and this piece of news.

2 thoughts on “#DontDoubleMyRate, bro.

  1. Guess what the government does with that money? Wastes it. Spends it on foreign wars and investing in foreign companies that have no interest in America. Countries that disrespect what we’re all about. Do we really need a government like that? All signs point to…

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