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I’ve been published! But…

With the publication of my original sci-fi series, Assassin’s X, my boyfriend’s mom was so excited that she Googled me to see if it came up. Considering that SEO is not fool-proof and my book only came out yesterday, one of the TOP 5 search results was a car wash video. Sounds pretty innocent right? Well, when the car wash is conducted by the Sapphire Strip Club, for charity … you can see why it must be slightly hazardous to google my name without “these” little helpers.

So, yeah, that original sci-fi series titled Assassin’s X, will be publishing every Tuesday. It is available through Amazon Kindle and each part in the series costs just 99 cents!

Now to get back to work…

3 thoughts on “I’ve been published! But…

  1. Just head of it Congratulations I will seaech Amazon Kindle to purchase series My book is taking a bit but it will be out asap I’s on life through poems I already won First Prize for one of the poems Love the name you chose Asassin’sX Post it on my FB I retweeted it on my tweeter

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