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Why Shoe Leather Journalism is dying, Colbert reports.


Colbert Report, “Stephen reports on an old-fashioned hero”

After perusing “Colbert Nation” I came across a piece about a shoe leather journalist. The video takes us into the world of a real, live, newspaper journalist as he works to find a story. The journalist happens to also be someone who avoids the whole social media craze and actually goes out to find news. The video takes us through the man’s almost futile efforts at finding a good story. He begins at a police station, follows the trail to a supposed culprit, then needs to get a source to talk about the supposed culprit which leads him to an old fisherman. After patiently waiting for the fisherman to say something relevant, his ears pick up the SINGLE useful thing from that entire conversation, “Man says it’s too hot to fish.” This is the type of journalism that we find “archaic”, new media wants it to be “obsolete”, audiences call it “inefficient”… because no one wants to sift through an entire newspaper to find an article when they can just google their topic of interest.

But how do all these new media outlets acquire THEIR news? Well, as Colbert brilliantly points out… new media actually gets their news from newspapers!!!

Colbert shows how the NEW YORK TIMES RIIIIPS the story off of twitter and republishes it AS THEIR OWN STORY, fancy new byline and all. Thus, their contribution to the death of local newspapers

Soon enough, the well is going to run dry, and THEN where will all these internet journalists get their source material from? HMM? Soon enough we will realize that the internet is not the real world, and those who live their entire lives connected to the internet will miss out on an entire world where things REALLY happen and people don’t just talk about what happened. The internet may be a place where things are gathered and documented, but if you always experience life through another’s eyes, never doing or feeling anything for yourself, you WILL feel cold and bored and you WILL have missed out on your own path and your own talents.

News is ever important and if we don’t do something to remind people where news comes from (I.E. The REAL world) then people will continue to grow detached and disbelieving.

3 thoughts on “Why Shoe Leather Journalism is dying, Colbert reports.

  1. The thing is that wherever people look, they find technology. A virtual world exists, and like you said we are so busy in it that we are unaware of loosing our real selves. May be we should just stop everything and look around us, and feel what is real.

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  3. This is REALLY disturbing…
    To what extent are we already in a surreal dystopia in which news ‘reporting’ services are really just echo chambers?

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