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Entrepreneurship & Me


As you may have noticed, I have been thinking about politics and current events almost religiously lately, leading me to finally sum up some of my thoughts and blog about them. I must admit, I am no newcomer to news and writing. I first developed my taste for news at 15 when I became sports editor for the school paper.

Due to my taste for news and current events I imagined the best path for me would be journalism. I endured through FIU’s SJMC program and got my Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. However, long before I received my diploma I knew that shoe leather journalism would never be my reality. With my demographic, the best I could hope for would be a career involving the constant regurgitation of other people’s news for a competitor network.

I kind of hate regurgitating.

Fortunately, I escaped this fate. In one swift motion I went from receiving my diploma to being employed as a communications coordinator at a healthcare company.

At the ripe age of 22, it was almost unthinkable for me to snag such a job in this down economy with nothing but a diploma and list of restaurants on my resume.

Needless to say, the way I carried myself through college allowed my degree to be much more than a piece of paper and I include my time as a college student as part of my professional development.

Landing small internships that earned me published articles (on paper!), connections, and something to email recruiters asking for a writing sample definitely helped, but what helped me the most was my time learning about leadership.

It is my background knowledge in leadership that gives me the confidence to speak my mind, to inspire a shared vision, and to be very fulfilled with supporting roles that don’t necessarily get the spotlight.

As an Honors College student at FIU I had access to leadership courses, lectures, and conferences that anyone outside of the college didn’t even know about. I took advantage of these opportunities and placed myself in as many of these situations as possible.

Later on down the line, I joined up with FIU’s Center for Leadership and Service, enrolling myself in their “Academy of Leaders” program. I learned my personality code and got to play some challenging games, even a ropes course, with other personality codes and analyze their strengths and weaknesses with the advisers.

I continued on with this group until I finally reached my pinnacle with them: Marketing & Recruitment Chair for their most prestigious program. Alternative Breaks is a wonderful organization with a nationwide network. FIU’s program is solid and is a truly life changing experience. I got to work closely with a remarkable team of professional women who taught me to hear my voice and get others to hear it as well. I never experienced more satisfaction from any other position in my life. I had found my niche: Marketing & Public Relations.

Since taking on that job I truly fell off the face of the earth. Looking back, I’m grateful that I was so disciplined in my studies and work because it pushed me ahead of the pack. From the beginning of my junior year of college I never stopped picking up internships, writing opportunities, leadership opportunities, and learning opportunities. I saw each event (those that rarely attracted attention from other students) as a novel chance to learn something new.

And it’s exactly because I have been open to learning and working that I have been able to establish myself as a professional and improve my skills. I have been working so diligently for so long, considering my age, that I have been able to impress some of the amazing people around me, and thus opportunities have continued to come pouring in from all fronts.

I would have never imagined myself in this position so soon, and still I believe I can handle more.

My daily lesson:

It is important to not fear change. Everything changes, the only difference is that when things simply change we call it “change” and when they get better we call it “improvement”. Time always brings about change and sometimes change brings about improvement.

Be the change you wish to see!

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