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Miami Heat VS Cleveland Cavaliers February 2012

Needless to say, I went to the Miami Heat VS Cleveland Cavaliers game last night. I was impressed at the turnout and I thought it was a wonderful sight to see school busses dropping off inner-city children to enjoy a night with sports, fun, and community.

Mars straight up cackled at the several slam dunks powered through by LeBron. Seems he is set on making up for his performance last year and giving his haters something to choke on.

Anywho, it was a fun outing with music, food, and a genuinely entertaining game. Was especially great that the Heat was leading at the end of every quarter and smoothly stomped the Cavaliers out (even with endless free throws those guys couldn’t get it in!).

I sat back for a moment pondering over the major sports franchises. It seems that both the NFL and NBA have been very resilient to the woes of this economy, with team-owning families still in the billionaire sector and players themselves approaching the multi-multi-millionaire sector.

Looking around the crowded, enormous stadium, I had to wonder: are they leeching off the local community or contributing to it?

Recently, one of my readers submitted a very emotional analysis on capitalism, classifying it as a system that most greatly benefits the greedy. Allowing the emotions of his “rant” to get to me, I kind of jumped on the bandwagon and stated that what we are currently experiencing is the manifestation of all things bad about capitalism.

Let me explain a little. Due to the freedoms of our democracy, lobbyists and corporations have been “capitalizing” on the governmental and economic systems in this country, twisting every path in their favor.

This is the reason why successful businesses continue to become more and more successful: they destroy the competition.

*FYI, this post will no longer be about basketball, but stick around because I will get back to the Miami Heat.*

Romney made his multi- multi- millions by devouring businesses and turning them around for his personal profit. What most upsets me about Romney is that he calls himself “conservative”. He is purely a capitalist!

This is the chart:








marked by moderation or caution

Conservative Liberalism

Liberalsmarked by generosity


a person who has capital especially invested in business

Mixed Economy

Socialistsa member of a party or political group advocating socialism

*Definitions taken from Merriam-Webster Online. To get a great refresher on conservative vs liberal policies, take a look at http://www.studentnewsdaily.com/conservative-vs-liberal-beliefs/

Even though Romney’s principles, platforms, and priorities do land him on the right, he is not classified as a conservative. Romney is a person driven by money far more than he is driven by his religion or personal values. In fact, besides his religion and his family, what else do we really know about Romney as a person? He is a faceless mass of capitalism.

As much as I love to see people succeed and thrive, I hate to see enormous amounts of capital sequestered into a single area. I say sequestered because the people who have the most money are the least likely to pump it into the local economy, buying wares from local sellers and donating directly to local charities. And that is what I thought I saw at the triple A arena this Tuesday night.

I saw so many inner-city children sporting Heat jerseys and talking about their love of the game. I found myself wishing I could provide more jobs for athletes. Why is it that there are so few teams, with so few players, making such a ridiculous amount of money?

It is because they stomped out the competition. The rich owners made it so impossible for a team to start up and get an equal share that the same teams have always been around and always will be around, regardless of how much talent there is or isn’t. The game will always revolve around the rules laid down by these people and fans will have to follow suit.

Which brings me to another point: Why is it that children are playing sports less and less? Is it really because of video game consoles? Is it really because of a free and open internet?

I believe it is because there is nowhere for the winners to go. Once the little league is over, it’s back to the real world. Because sports is a business that has been completely overtaken by the franchise owners.


The original intent of this blog was to investigate how much of its ridiculous profits the Miami Heat gives back to the city of Miami. After a few moments of searching I found that they have highly publicized charity work, yet no schedule, no reported figures, and no contact person… funny right?

However, there was a refreshing piece of literature. The philanthropy section of Dwayne Wade’s wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwyane_Wade#Philanthropy

2 thoughts on “Miami Heat VS Cleveland Cavaliers February 2012

  1. well said… lobyist are the bane of democracy… people are confusing capitalism with democracy, they have nothing to do with eachother, at least they aren’t supposed to… when they do is when the trouble begins… government should not be for sale to the highest bidder

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