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The Daily Show: A Way to Stay Informed or an Excuse to Stay Uninformed?

This is not a partisan politics piece. I am fiercely independent and stand in the middle on many subjects. As my love for this show has grown, so have my questions. You see, I have been watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart religiously since 2007. And I say religiously because I forget to watch it for weeks on end and then I make up for it with a marathon or two.

In this span of years, I have noticed the show evolve as quickly as the volatility of politics has evolved, not missing a beat and whacking the moles every single time. They have made me think ten times more about the garbage politicians spew, separating fact from presentation, and have made me a more discerning consumer of media. Got to thank those wise asses and point out the merits!

Oh yeah, wise asses. It’s true: Jon Stewart repeatedly reiterates that he is not a journalist.. simply a comedian. The voracious masses eat up every word he says like hard fact, and he does check his sources and admit when he’s wrong, but the sheer fact that he is a comedian has got to mean something!

If the president were to go up in front of congress and narrate to a montage of their stupidity, would it be as well respected as when Jon Stewart does it? Have we really grown so cynical as a nation to believe that laid back sarcasm can replace genuine authority and professionalism?

When Jon Stewart interviews politicians, lawmakers, or even journalists, does he outright hold them accountable for their flaws and lay down ground rules on how to move forward with projects? Of course he doesn’t, but most of his fans seem to expect it! Daily Show fans count on Stewart and his team to cut a gash through the saturated media they so often succumb to until the truth gushes out, or they begin to feel the familiar tingle of their brains actually operating. I think this is where we find the issue.

If The Daily Show is the smelling salt for the  media-coma masses, then stubbing your toe is the smelling salt for remembering to watch where you’re going. Granted, the two have opposing side-effects (laughter vs cussing), yet at first it’s the same motion: a big, deep breath.

Speaking of big, deep breaths… As a public, we need to start taking bigger, deeper breaths when we’re watching these slander commercials paid for by humanoid corporations. Don’t let the propaganda get to you! We need to take a big, deep breath when we’re listening to someone’s reasoning for who they want to vote for. Don’t simply prepare what your next argument will be instead of listening to theirs! Finally, we need to take bigger, deeper breaths all throughout this long and tough decision. Thinking clearly and logically now will help us when it comes time to choose who will be the leader of our country come Election 2012. Whether or not that person is everything we need is completely irrelevant. No one person can change the direction of a nation. Don’t let them make you think otherwise! and Start by looking into your local elections first!

The support we put behind our figure heads is what matters. They’re nothing more than a symbol. We the people are responsible for making this work. We need to fight these corporations and lobbyists and return the power to REAL people.

And the only REAL people I see on the news lately, actors, comedians, journalists… are those wise asses on The Daily Show. And for me this is an issue!

6 thoughts on “The Daily Show: A Way to Stay Informed or an Excuse to Stay Uninformed?

  1. people swallow two lies whole-heartedly… that which they hope to be true, and that which they fear to be true… super-pac ads have been using terrorism to influence politics and no one is calling them what they are… terrorist… if you use fear to influence and bully others, you are a terrorist… by definition

    • It’s true. Political figureheads have us all believing that terrorists are

      Terrorist: One who wears a turban and sandals and possesses a long, dark beard and possibly WMDs.

      How funny to think that we changed the understanding of this word so drastically that we have been able to disguise our own version of terrorism! (The fearmongering sort)

  2. American politics and law-making is not informed on science nor on any type of logical moral argument. Instead, our system of government is run on the “BUSINESS MODEL”. Profits drive the system and the system of the United States government has become one that seeks to ever increase the union between Corporations and government(cough cough, FASCISM, cough cough SUPERPACS) . Perfect example–> Look at our prison population, 1/4 of it is made up of non-violent drug offences. “Private companies in the United States operate 264 correctional facilities, housing almost 99,000 adult convicts. Companies operating such facilities include the Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO Group, Inc, and Community Education Centers. The GEO Group was formerly known as Wackenhut Securities.ent drug offences”(Schmalleger, F., & Smykla, J. (2007, 2005, 2002). Corrections in the 21st Century. New York: McGraw-Hill).

    It’s a god damn BUSINESS. How much longer will politicians ignore the the plethora of scientific research being released on the subject of drugs and drug abuse? How long will we ignore the FACT that we have outlawed chemicals that are no where NEAR as harmful as drugs that we have declared legal(Opiates-Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc, Alcohol, Nicotine, Cocaine, etc). Not to mention the very fact that we are approaching drug possession(for personal use) as a CRIMINAL ACT. How can something that an individual does to their own bodies be considered criminal when in NO WAY does it violate any type of social contract- By taking these chemicals you are not taking away anyone else’s rights.

    ALL politicians are corrupt because we live in a CORRUPT system. Capitalism is a system that puts people against people. We are taught, indoctrinated more like it, to believe this is the best way that society runs, a social Darwinism if you will. Frankly, I don’t buy a word of it. The third video I linked below is of particular interest. It shows how we have tried to put a “good face” on capitalism by combining our rampant consumption with acts of charity. The funny part is, we are forgetting about what is creating this poverty in the first place!! It’s not a mistake that the United States, Europe and much of the western world has the wealth it has due to the fact it EXPLOITS other countries. After all, there’s ONLY so much to go around, and it’s my RIGHT to have 10 SUVs, while the child in Central Africa goes without shoes and food? Oh, but capitalism has an answer to that, “Keep buying shit and we’ll be sure to give those kids a pair of shoes!” Its laughable how morally bankrupt Capitalism is and the continued support of this system is killing the human spirit and continues to champion greed as its highest ideal.

    End of Rant. =)

    Three interesting videos:

    1) Crisis of Capitalism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOP2V_np2c0

    2) The Empathatic Civilization: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7AWnfFRc7g&feature=youtu.be

    3) Slavoj Zizek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpAMbpQ8J7g

    • Hey Steven,

      That was a lot to digest!

      It definitely gave me some direction to look into concerning the manifestations of the worst possible side effects to capitalism occurring lately.

      It is a system that benefits the greedy, not the most hardworking. I could never become a multi-billionaire. Not for lack of trying or capability, but because I don’t want to make the sacrifices required to have that much money in my possession.

      It’s like the process of creating horcruxes, becoming a multi-multi-millionaire.

      Continuing with the parable of the 10x SUV owner and the starving, naked child in Central Africa, the problem in that story (however realistic it is) is that the rich man can easily say that the child is not his responsibility.

      So let’s try and localize the issue.

      I can bet you that the rich man in the story also cares not for his local community. He also doesn’t donate to his local animal shelter (maybe the national humane society, but not the local shelter!), he hasn’t donated to his local churches, or even his local Salvation Army or Good Will. He probably knows all of his commissioners by name, and I’m sure he helps fund their campaigns, because in his eyes it has a direct benefit to him. He is a soulless mofo.

      People idolize Bill Gates, you know. Did you know that he relentlessly crushed all of his competition? Successfully CAPITALIZING the market to profit on all those sales. In my eyes, that’s disgusting. Sure, his “Millennium scholars” program has helped many adults, but not the equivalent of entire families who could be thriving if their businesses had not been squashed.

      –End of rant

  3. This is in reply to person who made comment. Let’s see.. anyone who talks s… and calls a super pac a terrorist has obviously never suffered being slaughtered by having your head cut off like it happened to Danny Pearl, or been in the midst of 9/11, or suffered the atrocities committed to our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
    Maybe if you were picked up and thrown into the middle of the desert and met terrorists face to face, you would understand terrorism better. But spare us your psycho babble, study history without spewing all this you know nothing about.
    The blog’s writer is very smart, but needs to see both sides more.

    • Mark,

      Did you see the definition for terrorism? I stand behind Stephen’s assessment of the state of American media, politics and the world at large.

      I don’t understand what you meant by saying I have to look at both sides. You mean like think about why the media fearmongers? FYI, I have taken a look at that, a deep one, and there is nothing redeeming to mention.

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