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Used and Abused

I read a title yesterday morning on the New York Times website that said something to the affect of ‘Why Baby Boomers will be Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead’ and I felt a shudder go through me. At the rate I’m going, making about 25k a year, I will certainly meet that same fate.

It seems my efforts are perceived as underwhelming understatements. If that is not the case, then my bosses (at every job after Olive Garden) have very minimal and limited managerial skills. I know that to blame outside sources without accepting what possible blame I can is both immature and inefficient, so I am trying to account for what I must be doing wrong.

I just can’t understand how a boss could change your title behind your back and not expect you to know until your new business cards arrive.

Such cases make it hard for me to believe that I’m the immature and inefficient one….

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