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Scary Morning

As I was leaving the house today I gave my boyfriend a kiss, I gave my dog a kiss, and I got a chill down my spine. For some reason, the fear that this could be my last time seeing them crept up on me.

As I got into my car and started the engine I sent my two sisters well wishing text messages as if responding to an instinct. I furrowed my brow and dug deep within myself to answer for these morbid intuitions, but instead of quelling the fear out came a few tears.

As I drove to work I was gently tearing. Not outright crying and no where near sobbing. The action seemed to ease my soul. I reached up into my higher level and sent out a prayer. Remembering that last night it occurred to me to pray for my boyfriend and I’s health, the creeping feeling gained strength as I realized the feeling actually dawned on me the night before this morbid morning.

Needless to say, I drove painstakingly careful. I prayed until I parked my car in the garage at work. I played a minute of an upbeat song before I decided to face the day with a stronger face.

As I made a quick stop in the bathroom to check my face for signs of crying, I drew in a breath of cold air and let out a breath of warmth and knew I’d be fine.

One thought on “Scary Morning

  1. Any day can be our last day on Earth. That’s why we always need to make the best of it. Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them, how much people mean to you, because you may never get a second chance… I realize this almost everyday even though it may slip from me periodically.

    At least someone realizes that they aren’t immortal.

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