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Adjusting to Changes

Last night it took me forever to fall asleep. I have to get up by seven in the morning, yet I was awake til just past two.

I have to realize that not everyone of a certain group is the same. Particularly, I have to accept that not all men are the same.

For so long I tried to maintain a relationship with a person who couldn’t be trusted with anything. I grew accustomed to living in the mindset that every word he said had to be taken with a grain of salt. It was like living off nothing but sugars and fats, never consuming anything of nutritional value.

Obviously I couldn’t live like that.

Soon enough I started a new diet that confused my belly. It tried processing the new items like the old and it went haywire. Much like how people find themselves when going from Mcdonalds to nothing but juiced superfoods.

This week, by virtue of a rapidly sharpening mind thanks to my new career, I finally recognized and accepted that there are men who are of higher quality than processed saturated fats. And I’m with one of them. 🙂

My Two Loves

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