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Doing Well

I had the demonstration looming over my head for over a week and I was really nervous about it. To prepare I took many many notes and asked many many questions.

In the end it was worth it because when I got up there, my audience was easily able to follow along, and I left a good impression.

Speaking of impression, I felt like my initial good impression on my colleagues was starting to fade and I hit a road block. Luckily, as the days are passing and I settle more into my role with this company, I am feeling much more comfortable. I started off all fireworks and the energy was fizzling into nothing. Now I know how to continue the momentum.

Momentum is something I need to trust. All my life I’ve recognized momentum as an individual energy transcending human control. As I strengthen my will and sharpen my mind I find myself more capable of seeing where the momentum begins and where it’s going and I have been practicing latching on to the energy source and bending it to my will. I just have to trust that I own this momentum and not limit myself and where it can take me.

I’m doing well. 🙂

One thought on “Doing Well

  1. Momentum makes box office hits, bestsellers, moviestars, celebrities, and can turn Betty The ugly one, into Betty, the pretty one. Look at some of the people who benefitted from momentum:
    Jane Lynch, Betty White, Ronald Reagan, Charlie Sheen,and many more. Carefully utilized after creating it or circumstances making it come about, momentum can be bad or a blessing.

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