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Home has been described in so many ways, defined by cultures, limited by understanding, and still somehow it transcends the physical and is truly a universal property.

I don’t mean to get so philosophical about it, but it took a whole lot of wisdom and growth on my part for me to finally know how to feel at home. How to develop myself so that I can find familiar and comforting elements in any surrounding. Most of all, it took me busting my chops to do for myself what I needed most: create my own home.

The day I put down the rent for my first place I felt giddy and retired at the same time. One part of me had to die (my commitmentless childhood) so that the rest of me could move on.

Today, after a long journey of creating, destroying, and recreating homes for myself, I can safely say I’ve found my sweet spot.

The sweet spot itself has less to do with the space of the home and barely  any more importance is placed on the company. What I mean by my sweet spot is that I have achieved the balance between control over my surroundings and myself to finally feel safe.

Where I live today has inspired me to cut the bullshit and get to work. I take ownership and pride in my home and the people I am around. I acknowledge their worth and feel grateful for their existence everyday. I take stock in my home and know it is only as valuable as the effort I put in.

These are my motivations to keep a good home. My entire life has been the crash course to attaining the wisdom to get it done. No excuses.

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