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Getting to work early..

I used to subconsciously think that getting to work early meant you had nothing better to do. Not just work: school, parties, group project meetings… I purposely arrived to everything at least 15 minutes late.

I figured fashionably late was a universal requirement for hot chicks. And of course I considered myself hot (post on the vanity of my youth to come..)

As I get older I’m noticing that I feel way less entitled to things. Things that I expected and demanded when I was younger: respect, favoritism, desire, fealty… Those things I try to earn on an “as needed” basis.

Now I’m currently seeking a little thing called job security. So… I’m practicing the one thing I learned at P.F. Chang’s: get to work early. If a simple thing like that can begin the long journey to establishing job security.

Wow. In the middle of writing this my boss gave me a straight talk. He wants me to start producing. Didn’t mind that all the others were late. Came straight up to me and said he wants me to start naming and starting projects and turning them around quickly.

This is the first boss I’ve ever had that actually cared about my function as his employee! Also the first boss to hire me before seeing me.

An actual career… What a different feeling.

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