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Do dogs have souls?

You know how Christians don’t believe dogs have souls?

I think they’re dead wrong.

My dog Samson has a conscious. He feels guilty and proud. He has moments where he’s the tenderest little guy and moments where he’s ferocious. Where would his personality come from if he didn’t have a soul?

 To establish my precedent, I believe in reincarnation. There’s no way God put us on earth and expected us to learn everything, to experience everything, in one shot. Why would technologies and other areas of life be advancing so much? It’s been proven we don’t learn from history, so then what do we learn from? I think that we all started off millions or billions of years ago (or before time began) as nothing but energy. I believe every living thing is going through the cycle until they reach humanity.

In short, I’m a Theosophist. That means that I study different religions. I’m open to finding truth wherever it is written into this world. It’s been a long road to break down by biases.

Admittedly, not even most of my biases have been broken down nor will they ever be. As I find truths in one place I develop a bias against the other. It’s only natural. My hope, however, is that I look to every “new” thing with an open heart until my mind has whittled away all the grease and fat until nothing but the lean parts are left.

It was through this reasoning that I came to love dogs. Past experiences made me think dogs were gross, smelly, dumbass life forms and quite frankly I never thought I’d agree with dog lovers on anything. Then one day last September I felt a yearning to rescue a pet from the animal shelter. I went down there and in a spur of the moment “coincidence” I fell for Samson at first sight.

Samson makes me feel love for all dogs and a renewed belief that they’re not all dumbasses incapable of possessing souls.

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