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Thinking of making this personal…

I have my newsy wannabe blog, my part in a magazine, my super secret personal diary blog, but nothing like the traditional blog. You know, where people vent their uneducated opinions about the popular topics in their life. I find that type of blogging is what generates the most attention. I want my writing to garner some more attention. Whether it be good or bad, I want to know how people react to my writing. Most importantly, I want to know that they’re reading my writing.

So hope this blog actually generates comments.

Now… What to bitch about first?

5 thoughts on “Thinking of making this personal…

  1. It’s not necessarily a positive aspect of our society, but what you say is true. The blog looks fantastic, btw. Love the minimalist look and color scheme.

    • Ily,

      Thanks for the feedback! Although blogging may not be one of the better aspects to our society, it does help us keep connected. I enjoyed reading your personal blog. Rantings and ravings are fun!

      Also, I discovered the wordpress app for android so I now can blog from my phone whenever I get a chance. This hopefully will bring about a level of candidness previously unmatched!

      Pfft, Privacy is dead.

  2. The blog has a very Impresssionist artist design. You are on the right road. You’ve always been a very articulate scribe. God bless your endeavors and you for using your gifts. It looks good. When is the first one being posted?

  3. I’m excited to read your writing! Maybe you should send out a message to people who “follow” this page so we know every time you’ve written something. Otherwise I might forget to check. lol

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