-About Me-


Charity Sapphire is a marketer, writer, and producer, and always on the lookout for new hobbies. Sapphire has lent her skills to various organizations including the Vagina Monologues, Alternative Breaks, Shakespeare in the Park Miami, MetroCon, Florida SuperCon, and Urban Ronin. She has been marketing for tech startups since 2011. Sapphire is currently launching GotakuTV, a video production company, while maintaining an exciting and inspiring day job at a luxury jeweler in Miami Beach. In her spare time she pursues her MBA in Marketing with Strayer University.

Mission Statement


  • That creativity and quality in everything I do is essential to my success.
  • That innovation in all areas of my work is essential to attaining and sustaining leadership.
  • That the people who guide me into new and challenging places are my most valuable resource.


  • Excellence in all I do.
  • High standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Continuously learning and refining my understanding of the world.



2 thoughts on “-About Me-

  1. Dear Charity Sapphire,

    You do not know how happy I am I found this blog. I have been reading through several posts here and I can notice one similar thread – it’s all so honest. I have lost hope in a lot of things, people being one of them. However, that’s slowly starting to change. I have seen people like you, real people, slowly emerge. The people who are real are stifled down by the shallow, the narcissistic, the arrogant, the unkind. I have seen it one too many times.

    Every post I’ve read here, I’ve felt like a better person. Also, its good to see that its possible for attractive women to be intelligent as well. Hopefully, I can find a future partner that’s the same way. Keep up the good work.



    • Dear Scotia,

      It is truly a blessing to know that I have touched someone. You’re the first person to give me feedback of this depth. It is comforting to know that someone shares my ideologies and and I am very heart warmed to have brightened your day.

      I also found it intriguing that you noticed my honesty. I strive to live honestly and it was a pleasant surprise to see that it shines through in my work. Honesty is my highest value. I think that truth is the closest we can get to perfection, and I know that having nothing to hide and refusing to do anything that would have to be hidden makes me a better, stronger person.

      Finally, if my work has truly inspired you and made you feel like a better person, that is the most humbling thing I could have been told. I can’t begin to tell you how much that inspires me to keep up my writing.

      Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment. I believe that if you continue to be an inspiration to women such as myself you are sure to attract one into your life for good!

      Have a wonderful day!


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